Sugar-free sour cherry compote

I’m a big fan of fruits, especially the sweet-sour ones. Therefore, I like to eat them fresh but also found in certain desserts, especially compotes.

A great advantage of fruit compote is that it has very few calories, compared to jam that contains a concentrated amount of fruits, which means much more calories.

Here is a very simple recipe for refreshing sour cherry compote without sugar, with very few calories, as 1 jar that will weigh 725 grams of compote will have a total of about 180 calories, which means about 25 calories/100g.

The preparation method is very simple:

I put the sour cherries in 800 ml jars (as much as it fit in the jar), I added 3 tablespoons of Grecostevia calorie-free sweetener in each jar and then I added enough water to cover the last sour cherry. After I fixed the lids, I have shaken each jar very well to dissolve the stevia, then I put the jars in a large pot of water (I put a towel on the bottom of the pot before placing the jars) and boiled them for 13 minutes in a bain-marie. I carefully removed the jars and placed them on a metal support until they cooled. Then I put them in the fridge and enjoyed this compote almost daily.


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